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ReedTuyap's exhibitions have a finger on the pulse of your industry sectors. We aim to meet your requirements and expectations to a professional standard.
Our exhibitions create an environment where leaders and small and medium-scale companies from Turkey and around the world will:

  • Find the opportunity to enter new international markets,
  • Display their latest products and solutions,
  • Meet quality visitors/buyers from various countries.

Thanks to the connections you will make with sector officials from Turkey abroad, you will be able to have one-on-one face to face communication with new dealers, wholesalers and distributors. Directly promote your products and services, and extend your sales organisation on a local and international scale.

You will be able to create new business contacts, partnerships and investment opportunities by establishing face-to-face communication with many companies, associations and sector professionals coming to the fair from Turkey and around the world. You will be able to seize the opportunity to find new suppliers and solution partners for your company.

You will be able to strengthen your business relations by establishing face-to-face communications with your stakeholders with whom you have current cooperation.

You will be able to advertise your company and brand, and strengthen awareness on a national and international platform by promoting your company to companies and institutions, sector professionals and press organisations at the fair.

A well-prepared fair provides an exhibition area, sales office and sales opportunity to its participants. Thanks to the fairs which are an impartial field between the companies and visitors participating in the fair, companies seize the opportunity to be transparent with their visitors. The fairs provide the opportunity to establish face-to-face communication to conclude sales between the companies and the visitors.

You may find the opportunity to provide top level service to your target audiences that visit the fair domestically and internationally by meeting them in the same environment as your competiting companies under the same roof. You may use the fair as a way to test the market measure customers’ reactions, and come to the forefront with new innovations and designs.

The strategic positioning of Turkey will bring you together with regional professionals who will broaden your commercial network Reach key industry people throghout Turkey's, provences and those from around the region including: The Balkans, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and West and Central Asia.

ReedTuyap Fairs will bring together all the products and technologies to become the meeting place for your industry.

You will be in the same environment with manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, wholesalers, exporters, foreign trade companies, training and consultancy companies as well as the non-governmental organisations operating wihhin the sector. This will allow you to perform market research and sector analysis; thus, closely follow up the demands and expectations of the market.

Activities organised during the fais (seminars, congresses, panels etc.), will help keep you abreast of latest developments and trends. Talk directly and exchange ideas with international sector leaders.

You can create new business contacts, partnerships and investment opportunities together with the target audience and customers during the fair.  You can further advertise your company name and expand your operating area.

ReedTuyap Fairs will be organised simultaneously with the most important fair organisations in the international area of Turkey and the Eurasia Region. These fairs will build versatile meeting platforms thanks to the common visitor profile to be created together.


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