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Sadettin KORKUT

General Manager of Naksan Plastik A.Ş./Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Packaging Manufacturers Association

The Eurasia Packaging Fair gained strength from its first year and arrived at the present with the cooperation of the ASD and TÜYAP. The Eurasia Packaging Fair, which continues its development in parallel with the packaging sector, is very important to us.

We find it very beneficial for the fair to specialise as per the sectors in terms of the visitors' easy access to the products they seek.

One of the biggest reasons for us to prefer the Eurasia Packaging Fair, which we have realised with the cooperation of TÜYAP for 18 years, is the reliance we place on the TÜYAP brand. Furthermore, other factors include the activities performed for the fair area and fair promotion, the wide scope of the fair covering the entire sector, and the ratio of domestic and foreign visitors.

The Eurasia Packaging Fair is indeed an important example of bringing together all of the sector's associations, primarily ASD. This union broadens the scope of the fair and is reflected in the number of visitors. A rare platform is created both for the participants and visitors. Thus, each type of packaging attracts the attention of its potential users. A visitor coming to our fair is able to find any packaging solution.

First of all, the Eurasia Packaging Fair is one of the most important fairs in the sector and it is indisputably the largest in of the domestic sector. It is a fair whose participant profile gradually expands and becomes refined.

The division of companies per sector group in the halls will make it easy for fair visitors to find the merchandise and service they seek. Since every convenience provided for the fair visitor will enhance the number and satisfaction of the visitors, this will ultimately yield business for the participants. As a participant since the first edition of the fair, we continue to participate as we believe that we reap the benefits of the support we have provided through our participation in the fair.

Aydın OKAY
Chairman of the Board of Directors for Can Hassas Kağıt/Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Label Manufacturers Association

Even though the labelling sector, in which I am involved, is not the largest sector in the Packaging world, I believe that it is the most important sector. The reason is that no product can be put on the shelves without a label. It is also the identity of the product. Therefore, we should participate in the Eurasia Packaging Fair.

Together with Tüyap, the Packaging World moves this fair in a more positive direction every day. This fair may become one of the two leading fairs in a short period.

Mete Buyurgan
CEO of Hobi Kozmetik
Mete Buyurgan said, Private Label manufacturers should participate in the Istanbul Private Label Industry Private Label Products Fair. They will highly benefit from the synergy created by the FOODist Fair which is organised simultaneously."

He stated that they are able to send products to any country around the world within a short time, and added that the fair provides significant contributions with respect to the fact that exporters and manufacturers receive the fruits of their labour.

Uğur Mumay
General Manager of Beta Medikal
I can say that the Expomed 2012 Fair has been extremely effective. In particular, we seized the opportunity to meet our dealers and customers. Besides, we had the opportunity to describe our products to more users. We also had the opportunity to take advantage of many offers and cooperation after the fair. I believe that we will see the positive reflections of the fair on our sales in the near future.

Sedat Başaran
Sales and Marketing Manager of Variteks
Vatireks had a successful fair. We had the opportunity to meet our customers and provided information on our new products and our plans for the near future. Our foreign customers also visited this fair. As for the direct effect of the fair, we certainly gained new contacts.

Ebru Eryaşar ERSOY
Finance Manager of Ekip Tıbbi Malzeme
Our participation in the EXPOMED 2012 Fair, for which both domestic and foreign promotion has been realised successfully, was beyond our expectations.

Marketing Manager of Armor Ortopedi
The positive approach from company officials, pharmacies and hospitals from various places in Turkey at the EXPOMED 2012 Fair, which was held at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, is the first indication that Armor Ortopedi is now a reality in the Turkish market.


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